In January 2017, the Icelandic nation was shaken to its core when the 19 year old Birna Brjánsdóttir disappeared in the middle of the night on the main street in the downtown area of Reykjavík.


Lukka is Helgason’s first “regular book of poetry”, in the slim volume modern sense. It contains about 100 poems written from October 2013 until October 2014, on Helgason’s morning walks with his dog Lukka, a black and white Border Collie bitch born in January 2013.

Suit & Tie

A poem written in English in the fall of 2009, commemorating the first anniversary of the financial crash in Iceland. First performed at the opening of Kapittel Festival in Stavanger, Norway, 2009. Recorded on video by Pegasus Film in October 2010.

Collected Poetry 1978-1998

In a revolt against the modern traditional poetry of the 20th century, Helgason turned to the old metric forms of the 19th century, mixing them with the current influences of rap and hip-hop music. The result was the thickest poetry book ever published in Iceland, illustrated by the author himself.